My name is Daniela Buvat and I a photographer currently based in Austin, Texas. I work with brands and individual clients to make their visual goals come to life. I graduated from Drake University in 2018 with a Bachelors's in Journalism and Film Studies. I love working with all different types of industries and clients, and have a background in TV production, Art Direction and Editorial/Magazine fashion shoots.

As of 2017, my passion for photography has been directed towards the outdoors, having traveled to 13 national parks! I love shooting landscapes, outdoors, and anything I can get my hands on outside. 

Currently, I am a resident photographer with several brands, freelance as a production assistant on various TV/Commerical shoots and work Full Time as a Community Manager and Social Media Content Creator with a creative digital media agency, here in Austin. 

I am always looking for new opportunities to create, and love learning about what you are passionate about! Lets chat. Want to work together? Cool, Let's set something up! 

Check out my Instagram at www.instagram.com/danielabuvat