Hi! I’m Daniela Buvat, a photographer and creative based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Throughout my photography career, I’ve spent time focusing on the outdoors & landscapes, editorial, and music.  I currently run my own business photographing adventurous elopements and intimate weddings nationwide for couples who want a non traditional wedding day experience.

You can actually check it out here!  http://danielabuvatweddingphotography.com 

As a photographer, I strive to make sure I capture people at their core authentic selves while still painting an artistic picture. 

I’ve done art direction, commercial photography, magazine spreads and food photography. I love getting to work on new creative projects and am always looking for new endeavors to lean into. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my collection of personal works and portfolio. I’d love to chat or get a coffee- don’t be afraid to reach out! My instagram is instagram.com/danielabuvat if you're wondering about my latest endeavors. 

Currently, I'm working on the social-first space helping with content and social media management for a company called the Social Lights, working specifically with General Mills brands such as Yoplait, Chex Cereal, Wheaties, Oui Yogurt, And Good Measure Bars.™️

For work inquiries, email danielabuvat@icloud.com or shoot me a text at 417-380-0836.