My name is Daniela, and as a creative, I am always looking to find new ways to tell stories and evoke emotion.
I am a photographer and filmmaker based in Austin, Texas.  I currently am working as an independent contractor on TV commericals, and short features, helping with set design and wardrobe! 
  I work on personal editorial shoots as well as commissioned projects. I specialize in mainly portraiture, fashion, lifestyle, editorial, and boudoir but have experience with a wide variety of other genres of photography and film. As a creator, I yearn to help make your visions and ideas come to life. I am always looking for new opportunities and projects to assist on. 

Check out my instagram at www.instagram.com/danielabuvat

Want to work work together?  Cool, Let's set something up! 

Check out my resume here!: http://www.danielabuvat.com/resume